Natalie, it was so lovely to meet you.

The students and staff were buzzing from your talks – that were fact-based, honest, from the heart, highly informative, compassionate with a good sense of humour – absolutely amazing to hear your tragic horrendous story of absolute courage, determination, inner strength to stay alive and amend your life and those around you with love and emotional resilience.

You were able to share your life in such a way that it has had a massive impact on our students and staff that will stay with them for positive reasons for life – hopefully enabling them to have a far better understanding of knife crime and the impact it has on everyone.

I will be willing to talk to any school to tell them THEY MUST LET YOU IN to share your story to students of all ages, as by doing so we might be able to educate enough students to reduce this epidemic among the younger generations.

Head Teacher of a PRU
South Staffs

Students got a hard-hitting lesson about the importance of staying safe with a talk by knife crime survivor and author Natalie Queiroz.

Pregnant Natalie – who came within minutes of losing her life along with that of her unborn child after being stabbed 24 times in 2016 – shared her shocking experience with 2,000 students as part of a programme of events promoting safety at Uxbridge College.

Liam Plumridge of Uxbridge College, who organised the event, said:

“Natalie’s talk was really impactful and moving and a powerful message to students at a time when knife crime is all too often in the news. At Uxbridge College we want young people to stay as safe as possible, which is why we provide them with the information and support they need to help them make positive and constructive choices in every area of their lives. It was a real inspiration to have Natalie with us and I know it was extremely thought-provoking for everyone who heard her speak.”

Uxbridge and Hayes College

Natalie was so inspirational and managed to engage with some of our most challenging young students all through the session. She was very professional with a talent to grab the audience attention with her mind blowing story.

She is one lucky lady and its incredible the positive she is bringing from such a horrific experience.

The teachers were also very moved by the session and are now planning over the next lessons to explore Natalie’s website and experience in more depth with the students, as well as looking to purchase her book.

Hopefully this won’t be the last time we see Natalie as I feel her work is beneficial to so many young people that when new students arrive at centre in the future we would be lucky to see her again.

Pupil Referral Unit  – West Midlands
(Session funded by NOW Education)

Natalie is truly an inspiring speaker and speaks from her unimaginable experiences which clearly has an effect on the young people she meets.

I am delighted we have been able to support her work through the Active Citizens Fund with money taken from the proceeds of crime.

I’m sure that not only the youngsters, but the public at large would agree that this extremely thought-provoking project is well worth supporting from funds such as this.

Ashley Bertie
Deputy West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

Pictured above: Natalie with staff from our Lady & St Chad Catholic Academy Wolverhampton along with (now former) Deputy WM PCC Ashley Bertie.

Post-Session Analysis

Results taken from 571 young people in mainstream secondary education after a session:

0 %
Most Likely Never
Carry a knife now.
0 %
Absolutely Never
Carry a knife now.
0 %

The risks of knife crime feel greater.

0 %
Think More

About the consequences of knife crime.

0 %
Said the Session

Reminded them it’s their choice to not carry a knife and drive positive change.

0 %
Have Increased

Understanding of how quickly a stabbing cad lead to death.

0 %
Have Significantly

Increased awareness of the physical and emotional damage caused by a stabbing.